Industrial parks in Russia

Industrial parks are relevant, practical and cost-effective solution for placing small and medium-sized businesses - small, medium, factories and plants for various sectors of the economy. Equipped with all utilities and the necessary infrastructure, such clusters are used for the placement and operation of modern industrial facilities.
The benefit of placing a new business in the industrial Park is to create a competitive production provided with all engineering communications and to provide any other conditions for its development from the management company.

What tasks do industrial parks solve for business in Russia?

1. Providing the necessary conditions for the stable development of small and medium-sized businesses aimed at the production of competitive goods for Russia and for export to Europe and Asia;
2. Attracting foreign and domestic investors;
3. Provision of economic resources for the rapid development of new business and obtaining its high profitability through a sufficiently developed transport infrastructure, proximity to raw materials, cheap energy, affordable labor of various skills and direct presence in a large market;
4. Reducing the cost of getting all the necessary connections to utilities.

What we offer?

Our goal is the selection of the optimal variant of the land plot of any area for business placement, in a modern industrial Park, for an adequate cost.
Thanks to 10 years of practical experience, we offer the most effective, customized solutions for a specific business segment.
The service of selection of industrial land plots is provided free of charge.
All objects are thoroughly checked and investigated by experts of Terra Business Industrial Group.
Our basic industrial Park with an area of over 300 hectares is located in the Moscow region just 30 kilometers from the capital of Russia and 40 companies are already operating on its territory.
Possible options for cooperation, such as:
• purchase and sale of land,
• purchase it in installments,
• hire -purchase of industrial site, building of buildings and constructions "turn-key", necessary for the normal development of business in Russia.

What you need to know about industrial parks in Russia?

Today in Russia there are both public and private industrial parks. The latter are usually more attractive because they can more quickly meet the needs of a wide variety of new business owners. Such industrial parks are created mainly on the basis of medium-sized businesses, and state parks are focused more on large foreign businesses – for example, factories for the production of cars.
However, there are exceptions to this rule.
For example, the Bogorodsky industrial Park is private, but it has a Federal status, giving the new resident a number of benefits and preferences for the development of the economy of the new enterprise and its "easy" start. This industrial Park covers a large number of large, medium and small industries and is the economic center of attraction of the entire Moscow region.
But in General, such cases are rare, because in Russia today there are much more state industrial parks than such private structures.
Methods of designing industrial parks in Russia are similar to European ones.
At the stage of design and development of the future industrial zone two different approaches are used:
1. Greenfield – created in the new territory, which had not previously been built any enterprises.
2. Brownfield – industrial zone is built on the territory where there were factories and other production facilities of the USSR.
Experience shows that the Greenfield concept has significant advantages over the brownfield selection. This concept allows you to create an industrial Park, pre-selecting the optimal territory in terms of logistics, location and other economic parameters. As an example of such an industrial Park is already mentioned "Bogorodsky".

How to choose an industrial Park in Russia and not to make a mistake?

When choosing an industrial Park for business placement, you should pay attention to the main factors:
1. The price of the object (depends on different parameters, including area, energy supply, distance from markets, major highways, etc.).
2. Legal purity – the object was purchased/built by the former owner on legal grounds, all documents are made transparent and can be provided upon request.
3. The industrial Park is provided with modern infrastructure that provides sufficient capacity and safety when placing a new business.
4. The largest set of services in service of industrial buildings, communications and roads is provided by the service company.
5. All objects are connected to the power supply network and other communications.