About us

Terra Business & Industrial, TBI Group is a selection of industrial sites, land plots and ready-made production facilities in developed industrial parks, agro-clusters and technoparks of the Russian Federation.
The Terra Business & Industrial company, TBI Group, in the recent past was called DEGA MARKET – the second decade is professionally engaged in selection of the parcels of land with infrastructure and communications in industrial parks, agroclusters and technoparks of the Russian Federation.
High-quality services of TBI Group in this area allow foreign companies to quickly and free of charge find a site with all communications and infrastructure for the location of factories, plants, industrial plants, greenhouse complexes, data centers, warehouses, the most appropriate challenges facing enterprises.
We know the market of industrial parks of the Russian Federation on a professional, expert level and can offer the best solutions for the placement of your business.
Because we have been working in this narrow area for the second decade and have placed dozens of companies from Russia, Europe and Japan. The formation of the industrial real estate market took place with our active participation, and we continue to develop with it.
Previously, our company was called DEGA MARKET. It is well known to players from the sphere of sales of industrial territories. The company has accumulated extensive information on industrial parks that can be of potential interest to foreign investors.
➢ We have helped to place about 40 Western plants and enterprises, which is a good indicator of the efficiency and competence of our company;
➢ Experts TBI Group successfully worked with the largest industrial Park residents: OJSC MegaFon, WILO RUS, Khlebprom OAO, BAYER, METRO, ORIFLAME, SCANIA, MAN, PERI, and many others.
 Since 2017, the company has expanded its range of activities, placing production facilities that require significant resources, especially the developed electric power infrastructure. This year the company was renamed Terra Business & Industrial (TBI Group).
Based on our practical experience, today we offer industrial land plots with communications and other real estate objects in our basic industrial Park Bogorodsky, which has a Federal status, giving investors some important benefits and preferences in other, only fully tested industrial parks, technoparks and agro-industrial clusters.
We select land professionally and personally for you, focusing on:
❖ cost and level of development of all infrastructure and power industry;
❖ location of the production site and its transport accessibility;
❖ availability of special requirements of the future resident, including high-quality turnkey construction of industrial buildings and technological facilities;
❖ logistics, legal transparency of the transaction, complete security, lack of bureaucratic barriers and other factors of business placement.
Specialists of TBI Group
In the field of sales of industrial land plots in industrial parks operate a real estate Agency, but they, unfortunately, are not always of the competence of the staff, taking into account the mass of the nuances of placing a new business in the industrial parks of the Russian Federation. Our team is one of the professionals in this industry. It is difficult for foreign agencies to work in Russia due to the peculiarities of the young market and the local specifics of this segment of industrial real estate.
Statistics and practice in the Moscow region show that the selection of land in industrial parks more than half of the future residents are turning to us. We believe that this trust is due to the professionalism of the TBI Group team. Our industry expertise has served to expand the range of our offerings today. When choosing land plots, we are not limited to the geography of one region. As a private company, but with Federal status, we avoid bureaucratic delays. For the same reason, our commercial offers are completely unbiased.
These qualities significantly save money and time of the clients who addressed to us.
Goals, objectives and principles of TBI Group
All over the world, industrial parks are industrial sites for new production facilities. Our goal is to promote industrial and other economic activities in our country to become more modern and attractive to potential investors.
In today's Russia, there are few really operating industrial and agro-industrial parks. Most industrial parks are only going through a difficult stage of formation, and many exist only on paper, so the tasks of TBI Group are as follows:
➢ identify industry leaders who have already implemented their own effective functioning model;
➢ guaranteed, reliable and fast placement of residents only in developed industrial parks;
 The industrial parks that we contribute to our base are the existing sites for the development, deployment of new plants and factories, greenhouses, IT services, platforms for the creation of economic growth points. With many industrial parks of potential interest to customers, we have long-term trusting personal and official relationships. We constantly analyze the activities of most industrial parks of the Russian Federation. The basic principle is one - to identify best practices.
Services for the companies placing new productions are free of charge!
Terra Business & Industrial also provides additional services for residents of industrial parks. It:
✓ special funding programs;
✓ architectural supervision;
✓ legal support;
✓ construction of buildings and structures.
Any questions? They will be answered by the specialists of our team. Choose a convenient format of communication – a personal meeting, online correspondence mode, a conversation with a specialist on the toll-free hotline: 8(800)555-35-29, or by direct phone of the Moscow office of TBI Group: 7(495) 646-17-52.
Or simply write to: vp@russiaindustrialpark.ru
We will be glad to see you among our clients, residents and partners!
Welcome to Russia!